“Donna I want you to know that after bringing our son to you, we have noticed a number of changes. He has many learning disabilities, but he seems to be thinking clearer and able to focus and he is able to express himself better, his moods have improved and he has commented on how much better he feels.”
JL – Ajax

“For years I have suffered from food and environmental allergies. I of course just assumed this would be the way of life and that I would just continue with over the counter medications that also came with bad side effects. After meeting Donna, I became more aware of what she offered and promoted with regards to my own body eliminating sensitivities. After my first session I already noticed a decrease in bloating, headaches and fatigue. It wasn’t until a few weeks later where I was suffering severely with environmental allergies that I went back to see Donna. Since that day I no longer suffer because of these sensitivities and I have started to recommend Donna at Natural Wellness Solutions to everyone. I love that I am living my life without over the counter medications. I am a happier and stronger ME!”
Laura Turnbull – Co/Owner Pure Pilates, Whitby

Food Sensitivity
“My son had constant nasal congestion which we thought was an endless cold and although we tried over the counter meds – nothing ever changed this condition. After visiting Donna at Natural Wellness Solutions he has experienced tremendous relief from this constant congestion – we would definitely recommend that anyone suffering from allergies give Donna a call –it worked for my son!”
LM – Office Manager

Celiac Disease
“I’ve suffered with celiac disease for over 20 years, unable to eat breads, pastas, or any flour products unless they were gluten free. I had a session with a BIE practitioner and my celiacs disease no longer bothers me. I can now eat any flour product with no discomfort.”
C. Brown – Teacher

Nicotine Craving
“My craving for cigarettes has diminished. I don’t even miss them anymore.”
C. Kunti – Business Owner

Allergy to Sun
“All my life I’ve suffered from a rare allergy to sunlight. I was unable to expose myself to the sun for more than 20 minutes without breaking out in a rash and blisters. I had three visits, I was out in the direct sun for over four hours with no reaction whatsoever.” S. Corbet – Business Owner